Welcome to Bernell Hydraulics, your go-to destination for high-quality dump trailer kits! Our dump trailer kits are designed to make your hydraulic system setup a breeze, providing everything you need without any mechanical fuss.

Power up your trailer with ease using our DC4120 power unit. With a 2500 PSI 12 VDC hydraulic power unit equipped with a hand-held remote and a generous 16-foot cord, controlling your trailer has never been simpler. Plus, the 2-gallon steel tank ensures durability and longevity.

When it comes to cylinders, we've got you covered with options like the TX3536-661175 and TX4036-661264. Whether you need a 3.5" bore x 36" stroke cylinder or a 4" bore x 36" stroke cylinder, both operate at 2500 PSI and feature 1/2" FNPT ports for seamless connections.

No need to worry about hoses and fittings because our kits include those too! The 422-6 hose assembly offers a 3/8 SAE 100R1AT hose with -6 FJIC fittings on both ends, while fittings like the 2503-6-6 and 2103-8-6 ensure proper connections for your power unit and cylinder.

Rest assured with factory warranties backing up your purchase.

Upgrade your dump trailer with Bernell Hydraulics today and experience the difference!